Self Check-up: 2009

With the passing of my birthday (let’s not dwell on this), I thought I would check in and see how I was doing with my 50 Things I Hope To Do or Start in 2009. Not so good. Not so bad.

Things I Can Officially Say I’ve Done:

  • Travel: I went to California and recently came back from a road trip to Atlanta and New Orleans.  I’m flying to Michigan for a wedding in August and plan to go to London in the Fall.
  • Buy Glasses: See?
  • Buy A New iPod: I got a 160 GB iPod Classic.
  • Replace my dresser
  • Go to the beach: See?
  • Do One Of Cindy’s Photo Projects: I’m trying to do the whole summer.  June is finished.
  • Win In The Extreme Causal Division Of ZogSports Touch Football: We finally won our division this Spring! We didn’t win Extreme Casual overall but I’ll take it!
  • Have More People Over: The visitor count five already topping last year’s four. Technically a win!
  • Buy Some More Shoes: I just got a pair of black dress shoes.

Things That I Can Officially Say I Failed At:

  • Spend Less Money On Comic Books: There were three weeks where I spent over $80 on a week’s worth of comic books
  • Pay Off My Credit Card Debt: Not this year, especially with all those comics.
  • Stop Watching TV Shows Out of Habit When They’re Bad: I’m not going to lie to myself. I’m still going to watch Heroes (although there might be a conflict with The Big Bang Theory which will absolve me) and Grey’s Anatomy (which got better until this shit)
  • Be More Social When I Go Out:I’ve learned to accept that I am who I am.
  • Either Do My Job Better Or Get A Better Job: Heh. No comment.
  • Less Impulse Shopping: Amazon Gold Box really has a choke hold on my good sense.  Since I wrote that list, I bought The Sopranos: The Complete Series and Six Feet Under: The Complete Series and they are both still in cellophane wrap.
  • Write At Least Three Crappy Stories For My Writing Blog:This one is a compromise. I’m foregoing this one to focus what little creative energy I have to participate in National Novel Writing Month. I had some ideas for crappy short stories but I decided to pool them for one big crappy story like a squirrel storing bad nuts for the winter.

Everything else is a work in progress but looking at what’s left, when I review this list at the end of the year, I think I am going to be mighty disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Self Check-up: 2009

  1. i like the glasses…the zipper is funny

    “Either Do My Job Better” oh…i need to reflect a bit…

    ok done
    yeah same here

    “Be More Social When I Go Out” um…wha? with who? wha…?

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