Ask Me Something

Here’s the plan: Either in comments or via e-mail, ask me anything (about me, opinions, etc.) and I will answer the question in a future post. I will answer almost any question (I can think of two I wouldn’t answer and no, you don’t get to ask what two those are).  I’d say to refrain from asking anything personal relating to any relationship I have with you but you know what, fuck it.  If you’ve got something you want to know, come with it.

I’ll keep this post up until August 15th.

Honestly, I figure I’ll get 15 questions to so anything more would be a pleasant surprise.


10 thoughts on “Ask Me Something

  1. Who do you think would/could win in a battle between Batman and Superman? And why, what would/could one have over the other that would make them win?

  2. If you were standing at the threshold of a really narrow doorway and had an ice cold beer that stays cold until the last drop no matter how long it takes in one hand and an any time you wish but one-time only coupon for whatever you want to be on the other side of the threshold in the other and you absolutely had to let one go in order to get through the door, would you drop the beer and wish for it to be on the other side when you got there?

    Or would you just drink the beer rather than read the question in its entirety?

  3. If you were to write a book (which I totally think you should) and that book was made into a movie, which actors/actresses would be at the top of the list to star in it?

  4. How do you know you aren’t a brain in a vat of goo that perfectly simulates experiences of the outside world — e.g., gives you the sensations of being, living, smelling, tasting, etc?

  5. If you could move to another city, where would you move and why? (Assume you have a great job, have the funds needed to relocate and know the language — if that’s an issue.)

  6. A) What question do you want us readers to ask that prompted this project? B) And more importantly, what answers or information did you want to give? C) Most importantly, did you see Answer Man? D) Mostest importantly, what’s your favorite color?

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