Movie of the Week: (500) Days of Summer

It was cute.  Any movie where I have half of the soundtrack on my iPod will always score extra points.

I think you can legitimately judge a person based on how they feel about Summer. There is definitely a time in my life where I would have vilified her but, luckily, that time has passed.

Also, I forgive Zooey Deschanel for The Happening and hopefully, I can forgive Joseph Gordon-Levitt in advance for Cobra Commander.


One thought on “Movie of the Week: (500) Days of Summer

  1. I don’t think Summer can really be vilified. She told him straight up she wasn’t looking for anything serious. Then he fell in love with her anyway. Tom should been smarter, but can you blame him? The only thing I find fault with Summer was she should’ve gave Tom a heads up that she unavailable before he went to that party. He did get one hell of an upgrade at the end though.

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