Movie of the Week: Funny People

This was actually two movies (and because it was so long, it kinda felt like two movies).

The first movie was about a struggling comic getting an opportunity of a lifetime being an assistant/writer for a famous comic who happens to be dying.

The second movie was about a comic who gets a second chance at life and tries to get back the one he let get away.

The first movie was hilarious in typical Apatow fashion (character growth sprinkled with dick jokes). Actually, the movie #1 had ended before movie #2 began, it would have been awkward but I would have loved.

The second movie…eh.  I get what Apatow was going for and it was hilarious in parts but it was sloppy and dragged in parts.  Something about it just didn’t work for me.  I don’t think it was the acting because everyone was hilarious (especially Eric Bana and the Apatow girls). But I just wasn’t feeling it.

I appreciate Apatow for trying something different.

Has Eric Bana used his Australian accent in a movie since Chopper?

One pet peeve I had was I hate when characters all wear quirky indie band/hip-hop t-shirts to show they’re kinda nerdy cool.  Off the top of my head I saw a De La Soul t-shirt, a Beirut t-shirt and a Pixies t-shirt.  I know there were more but I stopped counting. Hollywood, please stop.


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