Ask Me Something: The Answers

Thanks everyone for playing along and giving me something to do to pass the time.

Shall we begin?

Who do you think would/could win in a battle between Batman and Superman? And why, what would/could one have over the other that would make them win? by Nicky

Well, Nicky, the obvious answer is Superman but time and time again, Batman has beaten the Man of Steel.  Why? Because Batman is the master of preparation.  He has thought of every scenario. He also is in possession of kryptonite, given to him by Superman himself in case Superman was ever possessed.  Another point in Batman’s favor, Superman would hold back when facing a human, especially Batman who is the closest he has to a best friend. Batman wouldn’t have to nor would he.  Of course, if Superman just woke up and decided he wanted to kill Batman, it would happen in less than a second.  So I guess the real answer is Batman, if he has time to prepare himself; Superman is the fight was on a whim.

If a giant robot attacked your block, what would you do? by terica

  1. Grab my iPod
  2. Grab the backup to my laptop
  3. Check my rental insurance policy
  4. Run to the Bronx, the second to last place a giant robot would attack…the last place being Staten Island.

If you were standing at the threshold of a really narrow doorway and had an ice cold beer that stays cold until the last drop no matter how long it takes in one hand and an any time you wish but one-time only coupon for whatever you want to be on the other side of the threshold in the other and you absolutely had to let one go in order to get through the door, would you drop the beer and wish for it to be on the other side when you got there?

Or would you just drink the beer rather than read the question in its entirety? by Katrina

Knowing how fast I drink beer, I would have probably been done with the beer before someone finished explaining the parameters.

If you were to write a book (which I totally think you should) and that book was made into a movie, which actors/actresses would be at the top of the list to star in it? by Nicky

I would find a way to reunite John Cusack and Cate Blanchett (they were in Pushing Tin) and would have Brad Pitt have a small role of a homeless schizophrenic who dispenses life lessons when he’s not afraid of the fairies he can only see.

How do you know you aren’t a brain in a vat of goo that perfectly simulates experiences of the outside world — e.g., gives you the sensations of being, living, smelling, tasting, etc? by Sheilz

Because if I was, I’d like to think I’d create an awesomer reality than the one I am currently in.

If you could move to another city, where would you move and why? (Assume you have a great job, have the funds needed to relocate and know the language — if that’s an issue.) by cindylu

I’d move to England although the driving on the other side of the road terrifies me. Ever since I was a little kid and went to England, I’ve been in love with the idea of living there.  I’m sure if I did ever move there, I would hate it but dreams are dreams.

A) What question do you want us readers to ask that prompted this project? B) And more importantly, what answers or information did you want to give? C) Most importantly, did you see Answer Man? D) Mostest importantly, what’s your favorite color? by Mark

a) I didn’t have a question in mind.  Just wanted to answer something I hadn’t been asked before; b) The only information I wanted to share was information the asker of the question didn’t previously have; c)  No, probably when it come on cable; and d) red

What would you do for $1? by Katrina

Anything. I’m pretty cheap.

Would you give up everything you have for everything you ever wanted? by Christine

Not in a heartbeat…but pretty close.

When are you going to start answering these questions so I have something to read? by Jenfah


Thanks for playing. Maybe, I’ll do this again.


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