9/11 Memories Revisited

This is the blog post I wrote on 9/14/01.


I’m sorry for the long long long long delay for an update but I was on vacation for the first week of September and decided to take a vacation from cyber-living. Also, my laptop had to go into the shop and most of my stuff I do for this site is on my computer on work (I need to fix that lest I get fired on the fly)…and then when I came back, my first priority was to do this but Lou S. Cypher was up my ass like an OZ inmate…and then Tuesday happened.

There’s a lot to talk about…

I think we have seen enough pictures of what happened on the morning of September 11, 2001. A day we will all remember. So I thought it would be nice to see what it looked like…

There’s 8 million stories in the city…

That morning, i was leaving for work at about 8:50 a.m. to catch the bus to head to the E train. While on the bus, the driver makes an announcement that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center and if you work down there, it’s a madhouse. I naturally thought it was an accident and thought how horrible. I got on the E train and went to sleep for a minute listening to my mix CD of old Jay-Z songs…

At about 10:00 a.m., the train stopped in the subway two stops from my stop for no reason. All I thought was “Damn, I’m gonna be late.” I got out the subway station at about 10:10 still rocking Jigga noticing people–ALOT of people–talking on their cell phones frantically. Also, people were crowding around parked cars with the car radio on. I figured they were all talking about what had happened..that unfortunate accident…

I get in the office and everybody is crying and bugging out and my coworker told me about the second plane and how it was terrorists and how the first tower fell and I was just frozen. I couldn’t believe it. It was bananas. My first reaction was “Lemme go online and see who’s there”. That’s when I found out who was OK and who wasn’t. That’s also when I found out about the Pentagon. Next reaction was “Time to go home” which was easier said than done because there was a mass exodus out of the city…

I didn’t really see any coverage of the tragedy until I got to the pizzeria in my neighborhood at 7:30 PM and it was even worst. In retrospect, the news coverage looked like the 2001 version of “Man in the Mirror” music video…

Speaking of man in the mirror, this was bound to happen. Look at the history of this country. We have brutally attacked lesser countries with missiles and military (sometimes covert, usually illegal) actions. Why? Because we think we can’t be hit. It’s like the bully who beats on the little kid because he’s the big and the kid is small and he can. Eventually, the kid throws a punch and knocks the bully’s tooth out. Not saying it’s right, but read a book, read your free newspaper, read the internet…in other parts of the world, the U.S. Government is their Osama Bin Laden.

I hope whatever retaliation there is, it is well-thought out and executed. Only those responsible are attacked and not any innocent bystanders. If it was Bin Laden and he is in Afghanistan, don’t bomb them, go in their and get him.

People keep talking about “They attack everything America stands for.” and “America this…” and “America that…”. There is a difference between the people who live in America striving for a better life and the government that represents this country with their actions.

Peace and blessings to those who got hurt, traumatized or know someone who got hurt or traumatized.

Peace and blessings to anyone of Arabic descent (or looks like they are) or Muslims getting harassed by “Americans” who are dumb as a fucking brick. What if the attackers were members of a U.S-based militia?

I recommended everybody go rent The Siege (starring Denzel Washington).

I know this isn’t over so until next time


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