Movie of the Week: Inglourious Basterds

Another great Quentin Tarintino film in my opinion.  It was alot funnier than I thought it would be and less action-packed and violent than I thought it would be (but, believe me, when it’s violent, it’s VIOLENT).

The breakout from this movie is Christoph Waltz (Colonel Hans Landa). I can’t believe that Tarintino wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for this role.  That would have been a disaster. I expect Waltz to be deservedly nominated (he already won the best actor award from Cannes).

I’m actually looking forward to the DVD release because I feel like a lot of the scenes with the Inglorious Basterds being well…inglorious bastards, were left on the cutting room floor.  There were scenes in the trailer and comments made in various interviews by the actors that led me to believe there was going to be more military carnage.  Not that I’m disappointed with what we got.


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