100 Traits/Qualities I Wouldn’t Mind If My Next Girlfriend Had

Obviously, I don’t expect a person to display ALL these qualities but maybe 15% would be nice.  99% would mean that person is pretty much exactly like me which, while it sounds great in theory, is a bad idea.  I already have me.  If you are 100%, you know who you are and I’m sure we can work it out.

So I wouldn’t mind is she…

  1. …is a nice person overall
  2. …can be an asshole and say the occasional snarky remark behind people’s back
  3. …is into comic books or at least open to the possibility to being into comic books
  4. …plays video games or at least does not frown upon people who do
  5. …also finds the level of pandering in most romantic comedies pathetic
  6. …is a fan of a sports team or three, especially the New York Yankees, New York Giants and New York Knicks
  7. …is NOT a fan of the Boston Red Sox or Boston Celtics
  8. …watched the same cartoons I did growing up
  9. …is employed
  10. …can cook
  11. …doesn’t mind that I can’t cook (yet)
  12. …is gainfully employed
  13. …isn’t a hardcore vegan or, if she is, isn’t a meat-hater
  14. …has a great and sick sense of humor that is somewhat similar to my own
  15. …loves going to the movies
  16. …loves horror movies
  17. …is into sci-fi movies and TV
  18. …loves giving gifts
  19. …has a great smile
  20. …has an infectious laugh
  21. …doesn’t let her friends and family make decisions for her
  22. …cares about my boring life enough to hear me complain about it
  23. …likes to go out drinking
  24. …is relatively intelligent but not so smart that I feel REALLY dumb around her or smart enough to realize she’s making me feel dumb
  25. …can dance
  26. …looks great in sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt
  27. …isn’t obsessed with what magazines, TV and movies tell us what love is supposed to be
  28. …is a great kisser
  29. …is a great hugger
  30. …doesn’t already have a “true love” who’s she’s not truly over and whose ghost I will always battling.
  31. …thinks Lost is awesome
  32. …is okay with the fact that I have a lot of platonic friendships
  33. …shows jealousy in a “Aww, that’s cute” way and not in a “I’m going to break your TV” way
  34. …fits in with all my friends
  35. …won’t make me choose between her or my friends if she doesn’t fit in
  36. …doesn’t hang out with a large percentage of people who suck (because my friends are awesome)
  37. …shows PDA but doesn’t get too schmoopie about it
  38. …watches at least 15 hours of non-reality television programs (preferably most of the same ones I do)
  39. …reads books
  40. …loves music
  41. …like bands and singers beyond what’s on the radio or on MTV/BET/VH1
  42. …likes going to concerts
  43. …loves to travel
  44. …went to college
  45. …loves New York City
  46. …loves karaoke
  47. …doesn’t feel like talking on the phone every night for hours on end after about 2-3 months in the relationship
  48. …wants to get married and have children
  49. …loves to stay in and just chill on the couch watching TV or movies on a Saturday night
  50. …gives great back rubs
  51. …believes in premarital sex
  52. …is very compassionate and understanding
  53. …has a driver’s license
  54. …is passionate about what she believes in even if I don’t believe in it too
  55. …disagrees with enough of my general opinions to make our conversations/arguments interesting
  56. …does some form of exercise
  57. …loves to eat
  58. …hates what happened to Heroes after season one
  59. …thinks Jack Bauer is a god
  60. …has enough of her own life that we don’t have to spend every waking hour together to be entertained
  61. …is geeky and/or nerdy about something
  62. …doesn’t take quizzes in “Cosmopolitan” and magazines like that
  63. …doesn’t have a nasty temper
  64. …isn’t a Debby Downer
  65. …loves new technology
  66. …is more extrovert than introvert but not so much of an extrovert that I have to bring a tranquilizer gun with me when we go out
  67. …is a little bit competitive
  68. …isn’t lazy in bed
  69. …doesn’t believe in the concept of a person having a single “soulmate”
  70. …doesn’t steal the covers when it’s cold
  71. …isn’t necessarily stylish but can pull together a knockout outfit when the moment calls for it
  72. …doesn’t subscribe to antiquated gender roles
  73. …has a nice or completely unnoticeable smell to her
  74. …is a romantic
  75. …prefers to discuss issues and problems as they occur as opposed to 2-3 months later when I forget to put away my dirty socks which somehow made her think about my issues with sharing.
  76. …tries to make me a better person through encouragement and support and not by nagging and ultimatums
  77. …doesn’t talk during movies and television shows
  78. …doesn’t freak out when the “happy happy joy joy” phase dissipates after three months or so
  79. …hates Valentine’s Day
  80. …is an inactive member of whatever religion they practice or an atheist
  81. …is great at beer pong because sometimes I need to be carried when I’m having an off game
  82. …gives great advice
  83. …doesn’t have too many mommy/daddy issues
  84. …doesn’t hold me to anything I’ve written on this blog over the last seven years (starting with this list)
  85. …believes in going dutch
  86. …isn’t a close talker (in general not when it’s sexy whispering)
  87. …doesn’t watch Fox News Channel unless it’s just to see how sad and scary it is
  88. …isn’t a racist or a bigot
  89. …doesn’t restrain herself from cursing unless it’s during dinner at my parent’s house
  90. …isn’t afraid to make a fool of herself
  91. …isn’t embarrassed by me
  92. …is Internet savvy
  93. …has her own DVR at home
  94. …is a trusting person
  95. …isn’t a crazy workaholic
  96. …isn’t a commitment-phobe
  97. …isn’t totally obsessed with getting married
  98. …believes me when I compliment her and not that I’m “just saying that because…”
  99. …is willing to settle for me
  100. …is Halle Berry
Let’s be honest.  This list says more about who I am than who I am looking for.
If you were wondering how I came up with the list, I just thought of the qualities I loved most in my friends. Unfortunately, I’m not friends with Halle Berry…yet.

4 thoughts on “100 Traits/Qualities I Wouldn’t Mind If My Next Girlfriend Had

  1. Sooo…I’m probs about to do a 100 Traits It’d Be Cool if My Next BF Has list…probs definitely about to do it.

  2. Either we’re too much alike or I just meet most of those qualifications because we’re friends. And we’re both awesome.

    As for compatibility, we do look cute together.

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