Movie of the Week: Paranormal Activity

Now I’m setting myself up for “Oh, stop being a little bitch. It wasn’t that scary” or “This movie sucked” but this was definitely the scariest movie I ever saw in a movie theater. To put this in perspective, prior to this, the payoff in the remake of The Ring was the scariest five minutes I had ever seen in a theater and The Blair Witch Project had the most lasting effects from a scary movie.

I don’t want to say too much but this movie definitely plays up on our natural fears of bumps in the night.

It wasn’t perfect.  I hated everything having to do with the Quija board, sometimes the decisions Micah made defied logic and it drove me nuts that at NO POINT they didn’t take a stab at closing and locking the door just to see what would happen.

But I can’t front, when I got home after the movie, I turned all the lights on in my apartment until my roommate came home.

Yes, I’m a punk.


4 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Paranormal Activity

  1. Oooh, u’re roomie must have been like — ummmm, WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? hahaha — i just see her shaking her head. 😉

  2. I so heart you for this post LOL – Seeing it tonight…quite possibly alone b/c none of my punk-ass friends will go with me. (I’m a G)

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