The Reasons I’m Nervous for the World Series

I’m not one of those shit-talking Yankees fans.  I’m one of those Yankees fans who always thinks they are going to lose and doesn’t relax until it’s all finally over and then unleashes all the shit-talking he’s been holding in.  If I had a motto or had to sum up my feelings on all things in one phrase, it would be “better to be pleasantly surprised than horribly disappointed*”

So needless to say, I’m nervous and totally think the Yankees are going to lose (which will make it so much sweeter if they win).  Here’s why:

  1. Hitting. Aside from Jeter, A-Rod and Melky Cabrera, the Yankees haven’t been hitting particularly well.  Damon and Cano showed some life in Game 6 but it’s very worrisome especially considering the Yankees haven’t faced anyone of Cliff Lee’s pedigree thus far.
  2. A.J. Burnett. I was telling my friend Karen before Burnett’s Game 5 start that I was nervous because Burnett always gives you one complete meltdown inning. He’ll start walking players, throw pitches WAY out of the strike zone, give up a couple of runs and then every other inning, it’s like it never happened.  If we’re lucky, it happens early and he only gives up three runs and we can comeback.
  3. Girardi’s binder. A book can’t tell you that Dave Robertson has been your only reliable middle reliever.  Either Girardi either has not “gut feelings” or his gut has shit for brains.
  4. Joba and Phil. Remember when Joba used to have 96 MPH, nasty heat? Seems like ages ago.  Either his arm strength is nothing or he’s still “saving” himself like he’s a starter. Phil Hughes has had a few rough outings but his body language concerns me more than his pitch location.  He no longer has that “I’m going to get this guy out” look.  Now he goes out there and he looks like a guy who didn’t study for his Chemistry final and is afraid of having to tell his parents he’s not going to graduate.
  5. Phillies bats. You know how we can knock a ton of homers in Yankees Stadium. They can too.
  6. ESPN experts. I don’t like it when most of them pick us to win**.  It’s bad luck. I’d rather be the perceived underdog here because the last thing we need is more of that bullshit “Nobody believed in us” nonsense from the Phillies.

Hopefully, I’m wrong and I’ll be getting up at 5 AM not to go to the gym but to head down to the Canyon of Heroes for another parade.  If I’m right, well, at least I’m mentally prepared.

* Anyone who’s hung around me long enough has heard me say that at least once or twice.
** Keith Law? 5 games. Are you nuts!?

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