TV Power Rankings: 11/01 – 11/07

Worst Show of Last Week: V (Episode: “Pilot”) – There wasn’t any particularly bad television this week but this was more like a lost opportunity.  They rushed so much of the show’s premise robbing the show of any tension or character development.  I think it’s more of a lack of faith in a TV viewer to stick around to see where’s something going without spelling everything out right away.

The Power Rankings: (may contain mild spoilers)

10. The League (Episode: “The Bounce Test”) -I think FX has finally found a show to follow It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I wonder how many eskimo brothers I have.

9. FlashForward (Episode: “The Gift”) – I was ready to give up on this show but this was the best the show has been since the first half of the pilot. The suicide is a bit of a game changer so now what?

8. Community (Episode: “Home Economics”) – I officially have a crush on Alison Brie (she has also been great as Trudy on Mad Men).  I hope this isn’t the last we see of the Pierce/Vaughn war.

7. Modern Family (Episode: “En Garde”) – My only quibble with this show is that sometimes Phil is a little too Michael Scott-like

6. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Episode: “Paddy’s Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens”) – Did you know your could buy a dick towel?

5. Parks and Recreation (Episode: “Ron And Tammy” ) – Finally! A showcase for my favorite character on this show, Ron F*cking Swanson. How did this show slowly become the best comedy on NBC Thursday?

4. Curb Your Enthusiasm (Episode: “The Black Swan”) – Marty Funkhouser is my favorite recurring character on Curb next to Leon.

3. Friday Night Lights (Episode: “After The Fall”) – After Landry gets hot Tyra, now it looks like he’s going to get cute Jess Merriweather (Jurnee Smollett). To quote G.O.B.,”C’mon!”

2. Mad Men (Episode: “The Grown-Ups”) – Well you know they’d cover the JFK assassination.  I thought how they did it was okay but I could never really get into the episode except for a few moments)

1. Sons of Anarchy (Episode: “Fa Guan”) – I think what’s been adding to the tension is at any given moment, you wouldn’t be surprised if all the characters just shot each other Reservoir Dogs style

Special acknowledgment: World Series, Phillies vs. Yankees, Game 6


One thought on “TV Power Rankings: 11/01 – 11/07

  1. I agree with number 7, except he seems like a poor man’s Michael Scott to me. For me, he is the one dark spot of the show.

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