Girlfriend-Sized Life

Last week, I was contemplating on when – between ZogSports football on the weekends, 30 plus hours of television a week, 10-20 comic books a week and hanging out with my friends – was I going to find time to play and beat all these video games that were collecting dust in my room and to read the stack of books piling up on my bedside table.

Then it occurred to me, where would I fit a girlfriend in all that?

Once upon a time, I had a girlfriend (hard to believe, I know).  Except for football, I did all the things I do now, just not as much.  I watched maybe a third of the TV shows I watched now but there were only a few shows that only I watched.  I read maybe 1/3 less comic books but I actually read some of them with my girlfriend and I had a long commute from Long Island so most of my reading was done by the time I even saw her.  I only had a PS2 and only played one or two games at a time (some of them we both played).  All things considered, I had a perfectly girlfriend-sized life.

Once we broke up and wasn’t actively seeking to have the position filled, I had a lot of spare time on my hands.  I started staying home a lot and started watching a bunch of TV shows I had consigned myself to never watching. Then I got a DVR and I was able to double and triple the amount of TV I could watch.  I slowly started buying more and more comics but my move to the city gave me less time to read them on a weekly basis.  I got an XBOX 360 for Christmas a year after becoming single and most recently purchased a PS3 and Wii. I started hanging out with my friends a lot more and later joined a co-ed football team that I have been with it for several seasons now.

All things considered, I’m pretty wrapped up in my own existence right now.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about putting out the “Now Hiring” sign but how many of the things that I have become accustomed to am I willing to part with.

Television: I watch enough TV shows that unless she doesn’t watch TV at all (I would never date anyone who did that anyway), there will be some overlap. It helps that the show I’m most obsessed with – Lost – is almost at an end.

Comics: Even I admit, I read too many comics and could see myself cutting some of these out. But I’ve given up comics once for a girl and once that ended, my addiction grew tenfold.

Video Games: I barely have time to play them now when I’m single but I feel like I’ve made such a financial investment that I should devote some time to it

ZogSports: Maybe she’ll play too. 🙂

Friends: Non-negotiable. Much like television, if she didn’t like hanging out with my friends even a little bit, it probably wouldn’t work anyway.

Anyway, it bears some consideration.  In the meantime, if you know some cute  comic book loving, television-obsessed, video-gaming ladies who love drinking and playing football, please send me their resumes and I’ll keep it on file. We’ll likely be hiring the day after the series finale of Lost.


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