My 50 Favorite Television Shows of the 00s

Now, let me just say off the bat that I do not believe these are the 50 best shows of this decade (although some certainly are). These are just the 50 television shows that brought me the most entertainment, the ones that I am most fond of when I think back on the decade. I contemplated doing this in order of love/respect but then this post would never get done so I’ll do a Top 10.

I decided to leave off The Simpsons and South Park because they’ve been on for so long (and I needed any excuse to make room for other shows) but they both had great episodes in the 00’s and if I didn’t need the room, they’d make the cut.

I tried to stick with shows that had at least two full seasons under its belt unless the show had been canceled like Freaks and Geeks.

And, no, I’ve never watched The West Wing or ER and that’s why they aren’t on the list.

My Favorite 10 Shows of the 00’s:

10. Six Feet Under: I remember watching the series premiere with Kristy and Fatima and all of us not being that impressed. I remember also watching the closing montage in the series finale and man tears streaming down my cheek

9. Spaced: I don’t remember when I discovered Spaced. I think I saw Shaun of the Dead first and then downloaded both seasons and then sat my brother in front of the computer and made him watch them all.

8. 24: You win, Erwin.  Erwin begged me to watch 24 and I didn’t because I was watching something else that came on at the same time (pre-DVR) but I decided to watch starting season two and was instantly hooked.  Fun fact: Jack Bauer has killed 227 people in seven season (which equals seven days) SO FAR

7. Battlestar Galatica: I watched the first half of the TV movie that set up the series and I wasn’t that impressed. I think I didn’t like the CGI of the Cylons.  But halfway through season one, I started reading all these awesome reviews so I went back and caught (luckily the Sci-Fi had no other original programming so it was easy to catch a marathon).  I wasn’t in love with how the show ended but it was still an awesome ride.

6. Mad Men: I am a sucker for period pieces and I was hooked from episode one.  All three seasons have been stellar and I really hope it doesn’t tail off and go to shit.

5. The Sopranos: What else can be said about the most discussed television show on the 00’s? I think Tony (spoiler alert) lived in the end because given the vantage point, Anthony or Meadow would have seen any approaching hit and the last thing Tony would have heard was their screams.

4. Arrested Development: The fact that this show couldn’t get viewers and According to Jim lasted eight(!) seasons is why I have no faith in the U.S. viewing public. This show will always have a special place in  my heart if only for it spawning the “There’s Gotta Be a Better Way to Say That” (or “TGB”) game my friends and I play.

3. Freaks and Geeks: There’s a part of me that’s glad it only lasted one season.  They had one PERFECT season and if it had kept going, who knows if they would have been able to keep up such a high standard.

2. Lost: Surprised it’s not number one? I don’t know what I can say now that I haven’t written on this blog a hundred times. This is the only show in my lifetime that I have ever been obsessed with.  Sure, I love all these shows but it clear I am obsessed with Lost.  I don’t watch episodes with people anymore because a) I don’t want to be distracted by questions and b) I write notes during the episode to help with my blog which I’m pretty embarrassed about.

1. The Wire: Confession time. I didn’t start watching The Wire until season three because that’s when I finally had a DVR and could record it while watching other shows.  But the second season three ended, I went on a 48 hour bender watching every episode of seasons one and two. I love The Wire so much that just talking about it makes me want to start over and watch all five seasons over again. If you haven’t seen this show, it’s a crime. Screw the 00s, The Wire is one of the greatest shows EVER and I will argue that point with anyone who wants to lose.

Full list (in alphabetical order):

  1. 24
  2. 30 Rock
  3. Angel*
  4. Arrested Development
  5. Battlestar Galatica (2004)
  6. The Big Bang Theory
  7. Big Love
  8. Bones
  9. Breaking Bad
  10. Burn Notice
  11. Californication
  12. Chappelle’s Show
  13. Chuck
  14. Curb Your Enthusiasm
  15. Damages
  16. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart**
  17. Deadwood
  18. Dexter
  19. Extras
  20. Firefly
  21. Flight of the Conchords
  22. Freaks & Geeks*
  23. Friday Night Lights
  24. Futurama
  25. Gossip Girl
  26. Grey’s Anatomy
  27. How I Met Your Mother
  28. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  29. Jackass
  30. Justice League Unlimited
  31. The L Word
  32. Lost
  33. Mad Men
  34. Malcolm in the Middle
  35. Nip/Tuck
  36. The Office (BBC)
  37. The Office (NBC)
  38. Psych
  39. Pushing Daisies
  40. Rome
  41. Scrubs
  42. The Shield
  43. Six Feet Under
  44. Skins
  45. The Sopranos*
  46. Spaced*
  47. The Venture Bros.
  48. Veronica Mars
  49. Weeds
  50. The Wire
* Started in 1999 but ran through the 2000s
** The Daily Show started in 1996 but Jon Stewart didn’t become host until 1999 and that changed the entire complexity of the show.

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