TV Power Rankings: 12/6 – 12/12

Sorry this is so late (all three of you who care).  I was in England this weekend visiting my pseudo-godson, Troy. He’s better than TV.

I’m not doing Worst Show of the Week anymore because usually when I watch something bad, I push it right out of my head and it’s hard to recall later.  But if you really want to know, odds are the worst thing I watched every week is going to be Saturday Night Live.

The Power Rankings: (may contain mild spoilers)

10. Better Off Ted (Episode: “Love Blurts”) – Not the best BOT episode but I’m just happy it’s back.

9. The Big Bang Theory (Episode: “The Gorilla Experiment”) – Sheldon trying to teach Penny basic physics? Why wasn’t this funnier?

8. Gossip Girl (Episode: “The Debarted”) – I had to steal this from NY Magazine’s weekly Daily Intel recap: “Serena walks out of the country house with her baggage and no car in sight, just planning to “find a cab” in the middle of bumfuck Nassau County. God, she’s amazing.”

7. Dexter (Episode:  “Hello, Dexter Morgan”) – The tension of the last three minutes of this episode was great but why do they keep trying to care about Angel and LaGuerta’s relationship.  I don’t

6. How I Met Your Mother (Episode: “The Window”) – If this means Ted is back on the “Mother” path then I’m all for it.  The more Ted strays from this path, the douchier his character becomes.

5. Friday Night Lights (Episode: “Stay”) – I didn’t think I missed Lyla (Minka Jete…Kelly) but this episode made me miss her.

4. Fringe (Episode: “Grey Matters”) – I didn’t like the reveal at the end with William Bell but now that we have our official villain for season two, I expect all the mythology episodes to be that much better.

3. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Episode: “The Gang Reignites the Rivalry”) – I saw this episode back in September at the The Nightman Cometh Live at the Beacon Theater and I think this may be in my top 10-15 Sunny episodes ever. I lose it when Dennis starts screaming “IDIOTS!!!”

2. Dollhouse (Episode: “A Love Supreme”) –  Alpha’s back! It’s so much fun to see Alan Tudyk who was pretty mild-mannered in Firefly get his Heath Ledger on. It’s sucks that this show has gotten so much better with it’s cancellation but I’m sure it’s no coincidence.

1. Glee (Episode: “Sectionals”) – Was I the only one who felt like this episode was made thinking the show was not going to last beyond it’s original 13 episode? When it comes back in April (WTF?), so many of the dynamics will have changed that it feels like a brand new show. I look forward to it.  Also, a special note to Lea Michele’s rendition of “Don’t Rain On My Parade.” Just wow.

Serena walks out of the country house with her baggage and no car in sight, just planning to “find a cab” in the middle of bumfuck Nassau County. God, she’s amazing.


One thought on “TV Power Rankings: 12/6 – 12/12

  1. Pretty sure I don’t have to tell you how I felt about “Don’t Rain…” since you caught me tearing up and watching it on repeat. Soooooo good.

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