TV Power Rankings: 12/13 – 12/19

I got so wrapped up in my Best of 2009 mixtapes I forgot to do this.

The Power Rankings: (may contain mild spoilers)

10. The Mentalist (Episode: “Throwing Fire”) – I didn’t care much for Jane’s “origin” because it didn’t relate to the main case like the last times we revisited Jane’s past.

9. How I Met Your Mother (Episode: “Last Cigarette Ever”) – More or less a throwaway episode except for Older Ted’s explanation at the end when everyone really quits smoking.  It’s like they are holding serve until episode 100.

8. Friday Night Lights (Episode: “In The Bag”) – I find it hard to believe that Matt would leave Dillion and not call Julie in all that time.  That said, it did lead to some great acting from Aimee Teegarden.

7. The Big Bang Theory (Episode: “The Maternal Congruence”) – I didn’t like Christine Baranski as much this time but the scenes with her and Sheldon in the back seat with Leonard driving were gold.

6. Better Off Ted (Episode: “The Lawyer, The Lemur And The Little Listener”) – Please watch this show.  I need it to not be canceled.

5. Dollhouse (Episode: “Stop-Loss”) – They should show people who have actually left the Dollhouse for good and never had an issue.  Or is there no one?  The hive mind soldiers were pretty cool and probably gave someone in the Army high command a stiffy

4. The Venture Bros. (Episode: “Pinstripes & Poltergeists”) – Brock is back!! Well, if there is ever a spin-off from the Venture Bros., “SPHINX” would be awesome.  Obviously, I’m not the only one who thought Shipwreck on G.I. Joe was gay.

3. Misfits (Episode: “Episode Five”) –  I kept forgetting to put this on my power rankings.  The finale was great.  I suspected the surprise two episodes ago when Curtis was fixing the timeline and in the one where he never got arrested and the counselor killed everyone, Nathan survived..  I feel bad for Nathan but he was kind of a prick so I don’t feel too bad.  Thank God it’s been renewed.

2. Dollhouse (Episode: “The Attic”) – This was like The Cell but not…you know…lame.  Elisha Dushku is still the weak link acting-wise but now that she’s only playing one character, she is better and so is the show.

1. Dexter (Episode: “The Getaway”) – I wish Showtime could have not said that there was going to be a huge shock because when Dexter came back to his apartment I knew Rita was dead.  Julie Benz is taking it well


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