TV Power Rankings: 1/3 – 1/9

It’s back (now that there’s finally enough TV on to rank it)

The Power Rankings: (may contain mild spoilers)

10. The Simpsons (Episode: “Thursdays with Abie”): It’s rare that a Simpsons episode stands out especially one that centers on Abe

9. Scrubs (Episode: “Our Couples”): This show is much better a) without J.D. and b) with Lucy being mentored by Elliot. I still could have done without it ever existing but it’s not a complete waste of time.

8. Ugly Betty (Episode: “The Passion of the Betty”): Another one of those everything-goes-back-to-normal-at-Mode episodes with both Hal and Matt taken care of and Wilhamina getting her spot back

7. Friday Night Lights (Episode: “The Toilet Bowl”): My least favorite episode of the season.  Even though the Lions finally won a game, it felt like nothing happened.

6. Nip/Tuck (Episode: “Dan Daly”): The patient made this episode particularly interesting but at some point we are going to need a definitive “Why does Sean put up with Christian” answer and “Because he’s gay for him” may be the only acceptable answer at this point.

5. Cougar Town (Episode: “Rhino Skin”): Of all the shows that debuted this year, Cougar Town has shown the most improvement from it’s original pilot. Lisa Kudrow was a great guest-star and I hope she becomes an occasional guest

4. Better Off Ted (Episode: “Change You Can’t Believe In”): It’s a shame this show is getting the burn off.  Portia De Rossi has been putting on a comedic acting clinic.

3. Modern Family (Episode: “Up All Night”): Benjamin Bratt was okay but this episode was another winner for Phil (Ty Burrell).

2. Better Off Ted (Episode: “Beating A Dead Workforce”): Best episode of the season hands down!

1. Dollhouse (Episode: “Getting Closer”): I don’t know what was a bigger WTF moment: Dr. Saunders/Whiskey casually shooting Bennett in the head right in front of Topher or the reveal of Boyd as the big bad. Whedon always goes out with a bang.

Next week is going to be rough with Big Love and Chuck coming back, How I Met Your Mother‘s 100th episode and the guest-starapoolza on NBC’s Thursday night comedies.


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