TV Power Rankings: 1/10 – 1/16

When I started this little project, there weren’t that many shows on the air.  Now that the midseason schedule is in full swing, this has gotten a lot tougher.  I think I may have to quit my job to devote more time to my unread blog.

The Power Rankings: (may contain mild spoilers)

10. 30 Rock (Episode: “Klaus and Greta”) – James Franco is having quite an interesting year.

9. Fringe (Episode: “Johari Window”) – This could have easy been an unaired episode of The X-Files with the Fringe cast filling in.

8. Archer (Episode: “Mole Hunt”) – FX has another hilarious comedy on its hands.

7. House (Episdoe: “The Down Low”) – Having House and Wilson officially move in together is the best idea the producers/writers have come up all season

6. Dollhouse (Episode: “The Hollow Men”) – While cool, this episode suffered from having to rush through everything.  I’m sure if there was another season or even three more episodes, I’m sure it would have been explained why Boys, as the head of Rossum, put himself at such physical risk for his plan. That said, hearing “Did I fall asleep?” for the last time was awesome.

5. Friday Night Lights (Episode: “The Lights Of Carroll Park”) –  D’Angelo finally found Wallace.

4. Being Human (Episode: “Episode 1”) – Bad, George! BAD!

3. Better Off Ted (Episode:  “The Impertence Of Communicationizing”) – There has to be a way to save this show.  Why aren’t you watching?!?

2. How I Met Your Mother (Episode:  “Girls Vs. Suits”) – I hope the Mother is cuter than Rachel Bilson. I really do.

1. Chuck (Episode: “Chuck Vs. The Angel Of Death”) – Captain Awesome on a mission with Team Chuck leads to an awesome episode.  I just wish the previews for next week’s episode didn’t ruin the tension of the end of this episode.


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