Lost Season Six: “What Kate Does”

What I Liked:

  • Well, I’m not a fan of Kate-flashback/forward/sideways episodes so I’m glad we got it out of the way early
  • Since I recently rewatched seasons one and two of Lost, I can fully appreciate the growth of Josh Holloway as an actor.  The scene with Kate on the pier mourning Juliet should be his Emmy reel.
  • Naveen Andrews playing Sayid but not really Sayid.  He was clearly a little off and it showed.
  • I’m glad we’re done with the Dogen speaks/Lennon translates dynamic.  It was wearing thin fast.
  • How creepy was Ethan showing up as Claire’s obstetrician?
  • Since Sawyer is in mourning, Miles has picked up the slack in witty lines
  • I’m glad Jin finally mentioned Sun.  Jack got her on the plane and hasn’t thought about her for one second since.
  • Jack finally did something smart in not giving Sayid the pill and forcing Dogen’s hand
  • As a huge It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan, it was great to see Rob McElhenny back as Aldo
  • The last shot of island Claire!

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Well, it was a Kate episode.  Her backstory has never been compelling and we had skipped her flash-sideway, I wouldn’t have complained in the end.
  • I missed the NotLocke part of the story
  • Something is going to need to happen in the Temple.  This is getting to be too much like the last time they were prisoners of the Others.  A lot of standing around, asking questions and not getting answered

Lines of the Night:

  • “Of course he’s fine…He’s an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids. He definitely deserves another go around.” – Sawyer to Kate about Sayid’s resurrection
  • “It’s the Others. They caught us…Again.” – Hurley to Sayid about their current predicament
  • “As you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position.” – Miles
  • “You’re not a zombie, are you?” – Hurley to Sayid
  • “Ever see a big pillar of black smoke, makes a tikka-tikka sound, gets real pissed off?” – Aldo to Late about what the Others are protecting the 815ers from
  • “We’ll be in the food court if you need us.” – Miles
  • “I’m sorry. I never should have followed you.”
    “Which time?” – Kate and Sawyer
  • “She was sitting right there, right where you are now, trying to leave this place and I convinced her to stay.  I made her stay on this island because I didn’t want to be alone. You understand that, right? But I think some of us are meant to be alone.” – Sawyer to Kate about feeling responsible for Juliet’s death
  • “There’s a darkness growing in him…and once it reaches his heart, Everything your friend once was will be gone.”
    “How can you be sure of that?”
    “Because it happened to your sister.” – Dogen and Jack about Sayid’s infection


LA X (That’s what I’m calling the alternate universe from now on)

  • How long can you possibly get away with a stolen cab?
  • Is Ethan just a normal obstetrician now?
  • Why did the name “Aaron” come to Claire?
  • Did Kate feel something when she saw Jack in the cab or heard the name “Aaron” for the first time?


  • Why does Sawyer need to be in the Temple? Just for protection from Smokey?
  • What indicated that Sayid failed the test?
  • What was Aldo trying to prevent Justin from telling Kate and Jin?
  • Is this the same infection that Rousseau’s men got?
  • What has “claimed” Sayid?
  • Where did Sawyer get an engagement ring on the island?
  • Did Claire “die” when her house blew up in Otherville?
  • What’s made Claire turn into Rousseau?
  • Was it Claire who laid those Rousseau-like traps on the island?
  • When was Dogen (and Lennon for that matter) brought to the island?
  • When did the Others come across Claire?
  • How do they know that Claire is Jack’s sister?

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