Lost Season Six: Sundown

What I Liked:

  • I’ll never dislike an episode that centers on Sayid – one of my favorite characters from the beginning – and give Naveen Andrews great material to work with
  • That opening fight between Dogen and Sayid.  Sayid finally met his match
  • The entire Smokey-lays-waste-to-the-temple scene
  • Emily de Ravin’s creepy conversation with Kate while she was in the hole.
  • Sayid’s flashsideways.  While Locke’s and Jack’s saw them overcome their issues in some way, Sayid’s flashsideways coincided with his present day: he’s a killer and he can’t escape it.
  • The final scene with Sayid and Claire walking through the ruins of the temple to notLocke coupled with the “what the fuck” look on Kate’s face all while “Catch A Falling Star” plays.  Just a great sequence.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • While I’m not 100% sure we won’t see Dogen again, what a waste of John Hawkes (Lennon)

Lines of the Night:

  • “I’ve been banished.”
    “Banished? For what?”
    “Apparently I’m evil. These people say I’m better off dead, which is surprising considering they were the ones who saved my life.”
    “Well, actually, they’re not. They tried to save you, but you were dead, man, for two hours. Trust me, when you sat up, they were just as surprised as the rest of us. So whatever brought you back, it wasn’t them.” – Sayid and Miles
  • “Sawyer sent you packing, huh?…I thought about going after him, too. But, um, I knew he’d just end up berating me until I turned around and came back. Is that pretty much what happened?”
    “Pretty much.”
    “Well, welcome back to the circus.” – Miles and Kate
  • “She just strolled in here a couple of hours ago acting all weird. Still hot, though.” – Miles about Claire
  • “Now why’d you go and do that?” – notLocke to Sayid after Sayid stabbed him
  • “There is a man in the jungle about a mile south of us by the outer wall. He sent me back here to give you a message. He wants you to know that Jacob is dead and because he is gone, none of you have to stay here any longer. You’re free. The man that I met is leaving the island forever. And those of you who want to go with him, should leave the Temple and join him. You have until sundown to decide.”
    “What happens at sundown if we stay?”
    “You die.” – Sayid delivers notLocke’s message to the temple Others
  • “I’m not the one that needs to be rescued, Kate.” – Claire
  • “Hey, what happened out there? One minute you’re banished and the next you’re telling everyone they’re going to die.”
    “That’s the sum of it.” – Miles and Sayid
  • “Do you realize what you just did? He was the only one keeping it out. You idiot! You just let it in.”
    “I know.” – Sayid and Lennon
  • “Sayid, come on. I know a way out of here. There’s still time.”
    “Not for me.” – Ben and Sayid



  • What is Nadia’s backstory with Sayid if he didn’t torture her?
  • How did Jin go from being held in customs to Keamy’s freezer?


  • If everyone in the Republican Guard was trained as well as Sayid, how did Iraq lose the first Gulf War?
  • Where are Sawyer and Jin?
  • Can notLocke actually keep his promise to bring back Aaron and Nadia?
  • Are the FlashSideways tied to notLocke’s promises?
  • Did the stabbing of notLocke fail because he got to speak first or was notLocke right and the knife would have never worked?
  • How did Dogen’s death permit notLocke to enter the Temple?
  • Is Dogen dead since he was drowned in the water?
  • What ultimately brought Sayid back to life?
  • Did Sayid kill Dogen and Lennon because he was tainted, because notLocke promised him Nadia or did him being tainted make him susceptible to notLocke’s offer?
  • Is Ben still in the Temple?
  • How did Ilana no the secret way out of the Temple when no one else did?
  • If Jacob is really a good guy, why did he let all those people in the Temple die knowing that notLocke was on the way?
  • If Team notLocke has Sawyer, Sayid, a crazy Claire and a doubting Jin and Kate, how does Team Jacob stand a chance?

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