Movie of the Week: Greenberg

If you think Ben Stiller is annoying but still enjoy Ben Stiller performances then this movie is for you. Noah Baumbach takes all of Stiller’s strengths – or weaknesses depending on your opinion – and gets a great performance out of him.  It reminds of the days when Stiller did indie movies like Permanent Midnight and Your Friends and Neighbors.

The movie ran a little long and it featured my biggest pet peeve about Noah Baumbach films: the ending.  His movies never really end, they just kinda stop at a certain point of the story, like a less dramatic version of the Sopranos series finale.  And, yes, I get it.  That’s how life is but it still manages to bug me.  You can describe most, it not all, of  Baumbach’s movies the same way: A few days/weeks in the life of ______ at which point when these days/weeks pass, the characters may or may not have grown or something.” That said, I still enjoy all his movies.


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