This Is a Flag. There Is No Wind.

A conversation I had with Tabitha this morning (slightly edited):
Tabitha: So I went to a ladies night get together Saturday and I met this woman who was talking about her openess to being hooked up. I asked- well, what do you like? She started talking and I was like- if this were a year ago, I’d have someone perfect for you but he lives in NY
Tabitha: She said, “I love NY” and I was like- yeah, you’re into comics? He has a website you’d probably love. It’s called She was like- I LOVE melanism! I read that site ALL THE TIME!
Tabitha: I had no idea your site was so pervasive
Me: Me neither frankly
Tabitha: She swore by it. It was a little weird. It’s like realizing your friend is a bit like a celeb.
Me: This is weird to me because I’m always convinced that no one but a handful of people read my blog
Tabitha: Do you track the traffic? I’m fairly certain (after this conversation) that its way more than a handful

Lately, I’ve been wondering what to make of my blog.

When I started in 2002, my audience was basically people from Okayplayer and the few people I kept in touch with from NYU.  If I had to think of a main reason I started blogging, it was so I wouldn’t have to have the same conversations over and over again.  For example, because it’s pretty well-known that I go to the movies alot, I’ll get asked “How was ____?” Having to tell 5-10 people how the same movie is hard because whatever passion I had about the movie when I talked to Inquirer #1 dissipates by Inquirer #11.  Since I had a little free time during my job at the time, I taught myself some HTML and made the blog.  I’d use it to relay my thoughts about movies I’d seen, albums I loved, reactions to any nonsense going on in the world and why I thought “The Takeover” was superior to “Ether”.

Fast forward to 2010.  I still write reviews of movies and have added Lost and 24 (not anymore) to my list of things I had to blog about so I didn’t have to keep repeating myself over and over again.  I rarely talk about the world outside of television and myself but the number of assumed readers has since plummeted.  Judging by my comments, I can count on my two hands who read my blog.  Only one of those commenters I don’t speak to on a semi-regular basis.  Aside from a couple of moments of notoriety thanks to links from PopCandy, as far as I know, my blog exists in a vacuum.  I do have blog traffic but I don’t know if that’s people actively seeking out my blog or because my site is the third entry on a Google search for the word “melanism.”

So when I get random comments that the one at the top of this post about my blog, it never fails to weird me out.  It’s like a compliment I’m never able to accept. I had no idea someone – ANYone – I didn’t know personally read my blog.  It makes me feel better about the nonsense I write.  I hope there’s still people reading after Lost ends.  It will make me feel better spending years assuring I could never run for public office.

I guess this is my long-winded way so saying “Thanks for procrastinating with me, strangers.”


3 thoughts on “This Is a Flag. There Is No Wind.

  1. I’ve been reading your site for almost two years. I moved to NYC in May 2007 and stumbled across it somehow. I love the LOST and 24 recaps and movie reviews and trailer links, but don’t get much of the comic book posts. I also really like the introspective stuff. I think about the same kind of things.

    According to my google reader you have 30 subscribers, but that may not be 100% accurate. I am very happy to be one of them.

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