David’s Last Summer?

Last night was the final game at Madison Square Garden for a lot of Knicks and what will hopefully be known as the pre-Lebron years.  Of the 12 man roster, ony two Knicks are signed for next season (Danilo Gallinari and Toney Douglas).  While most Knicks fans can’t wait to see a completely new roster, there is one Knick in particular that I am going to miss.

David Lee was the 30th pick in the 2005 NBA draft (they had picked Channing Frye and Nate Robinson with earlier picks).  As horrible as Isiah Thomas was a coach, general manager and sexual harasser of women, he did have a good eye for young talent.  Of course, it’s a shame he traded away all of our would be high draft picks for old expensive talent but I digress.  Over the past five seasons, David Lee quietly became the best player on a shitty team.  It took awhile for me to notice that Lee was racking up double-doubles in his rookie season and his scoring average slowly got higher and higher.

With all the drama surrounding management and particular players, you never heard a bad story about David Lee.  Never complaining about the direction of the team.  Never clamoring for more playing time.  Never begging to be traded.  He just went out there and did his thing and I’ve always appreciated him for that. I was surprisingly happy that he finally got to play in the All-Star this season as a Knick.

There’s a chance the Knicks could resign him this offseason but I imagine that a lot of teams are going to try to pick him up (although he garnered no interest last summer).  I make this promise now.  The last Knicks jersey I purchased was Charles Oakley way back in high school.  Unless the Knicks sign Lebron James, if the Knicks resign David Lee to a multi-year deal, I will buy Lee’s jersey and be rocking #42 in Los Angeles next season.


One thought on “David’s Last Summer?

  1. I agree. I haven’t willingly purchased a Knicks jersey since the Oakley/Ewing/Starks years, but would probably go with David Lee if they re-signed him. Especially since he doesn’t really look like he’d be as good as he is. Also, gotta love the anti-Starbury attitude….

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