Lost: No Regrets

By Chip Zdarsky

While the ending and final season wasn’t perfect and left a lot of unanswered questions, I have no regrets about spending the last six years watching and mildly obsessing over Lost.

I’m going to miss…

  • …writing my little Lost notes
  • …talking to Erwin via AIM during commercial breaks
  • …commercial breaks with Cindy the few times we got to watch it together
  • …sending Cindy one word reviews for the West Coast airing during the final season
  • …coming into work the next morning and reading What Alan’s Watching, Tuned In and The Watcher to get my favorite television columnists opinions*
  • …waiting for people to over to my cubicle the next morning to talk about it to get their opinions and theorize with them
  • …getting into work a little bit early so I can start working on my blog post for the day**

I may be disappointed by how it ended but I can’t help but be a little sad that it’s gone.

There are other great dramas that are still on the air (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Fringe, Sons of Anarchy, Friday Night Lights) but with Lost and 24 (which also ended this week), I doubt I’ll ever be as emotionally invested in a television show like this again.

I guess I can get married and have kids now.

I can still reminisce over my favorite moments of the first (superior) five seasons.

* I stopped Doc Jensen after Season Three.  Lost recaps shouldn’t be eight pages.
** I wrote 84 Lost-related posts and I only started blogging the show at the start of Season Three

One thought on “Lost: No Regrets

  1. Thinking back about the last time we watched together, we really didn’t get to enjoy the commercials too much. This all makes me more mad that the writers killed off Sun and Jin.

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