Movie of the Week: The A-Team

Was it a good movie? Maybe.  Was the CGI good? No.  Were there plot holes bigger than the Grand Canyon? Yes.  Was every “surprise” telegraphed 10-15 minutes ahead of time? You betcha.

Was I entertained? Yup! In a summer popcorn flick, isn’t that all that matters?

Sure, it was great that The Dark Knight was an intelligent blockbuster but sometimes you need to turn your brain off and watch things go boom.

Liam Nesson was perfect as Hannibal and Sharlto Copley stole every scene he was in as Murdock (even though his South African accent kept slipping in which is probaly they gave him a few excuses to use it). Bradley Cooper played…well, the Bradley Cooper character. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson should stick to the ring although he was better when he was playing B.A. as a repentant pacifist for part of the film.


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