Better Than Nothing?

Sure he has a bad knee and eyes and he has a five year, $100 million contract (all five years guaranteed) but if the Knicks had left this free agency season empty-handed or overpaying for a low-tier player because they had to (which still might happen), I would have been more disappointed.


One thought on “Better Than Nothing?

  1. Man i really don’t think this is that great news for the Knicks. Sure at least they don’t go home empty handed but the fact of the matter in my opinion is that Amare Stoudemire is not going to lead your team to the promised land. It would be good for the NBA if the Knicks can get rolling but i don’t think Amare is the answer to their problem unless they can land a couple other marquee Free Agents. You think you could take a look at my blog as well? I really want to hear your opinion

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