Movie of the Week: Predators

As a regular movie, the acting was okay (why was Adrian Brody channeling Christian Bale in The Dark Knight?) and the plotting was silly.  But as a Predator movie, it was pretty damn entertaining.

Immediately it’s the second best Predator-related movie (which isn’t saying much but still).  I liked that the predators weren’t prevelant in the film.  They spent considerable with the characters before the predators even make their first appearance.  Despite his choice of voice, Brody acquited himself well as an action-star.

Without being too spoilery, I had two quibbles with the film. First, Laurence Fishburne decided to take crazy pills before he got on the set and I needed more explanation for his character.  Secondly, there’s a twist with one of the characters at the end of the movie that is so stupid but luckily, it only takes up about six minutes of screen time before it’s irrelevant.

If you are a fan of the Predator franchise, it’s definitely worth checking out.  Otherwise, wiat until F/X plays it four times a week, three years from now.


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