Movie of the Week: The Town

Ben Affleck is two for two in the director’s chair.  The Town wasn’t special and isn’t anything you haven’t seen before – imagine Heat + Set It Off + (The Departed – Scorsese) – but it was very well-acted and the action set pieces were pretty solid (except the the fact that the FBI shoot like Cobra in the old G.I. Joe cartoon).

The only issue I had was the relationship between Claire (Rebecca Hall) and Doug (Affleck).  While they had a good rapport, it wasn’t the kind of affair that made it seem worth Doug risking everything to be with her.  They seemed more like buddies who decided to hook up one night.


2 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: The Town

  1. I really liked as well. It delivered everything I expected it to — drew me in, kept me engaged, and left the theater feeling satisfied. Acting was great across the board, and I LOVED that they actually shot in Charlestown.

  2. Imho, the Doug-Claire romance, not to mention the ending in the theatrical version where Claire foils the trap and helps Doug MacRay escape, through a “sunny days” tip-off to him, are what really helped ruin “The Town” for me.

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