Movie of the Week: The Social Network

What I Liked:

  • It’s a testament to David Fincher’s direction and Aaron Sorkin’s amazing script (where was this wit when I suffered through Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?) that a movie that featured A LOT of talking, the main character spending half his screen time behind a computer and depositions that i found the movie entertaining, funny and sometimes exciting. The two-hour screen time flew by.
  • The acting was great all around.  Jesse Eisenberg, who should at least be nominated for an Oscar, will never be compared to Michael Cera again (Unless Cera is buying the rights to any stories about the creation of Twitter).  Andrew Garfield was good but I’m still skeptical about him being the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I really hope Armie Hammer gets nominated for playing both Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (with the help of a body double).  This was the first time I saw Justin Timberlake in a movie and didn’t think to myself, “Aw look, Justin Timberlake is acting.  Good for him.”

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The conceit that everything Zuckerberg did was to get the attention of this one girl was a bit much.
  • I hated the final scene.  The last line of the movie was a little too on the nose.
  • The drama with Saverin (Garfield) and his crazy girlfriend, Christy (Brenda Song), felt like it belonged in another movie.
  • I know Fincher likes dark tones in his movies but it felt too dark for the subject matter. It’s like nobody paid their electric bill in Harvard and everything was filmed in candlelight.

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