30 For New York City

Here are some of the things I’m going to miss and/or have enjoyed while I lived in New York City.  I’m not saying that I won’t be back to visit to experience some of them or that I won’t be able to have some of the same things in Los Angeles.  It just won’t be the same.

From left to right:

  1. Mercy Flush: I’ll miss looking across the bar for Nikki, Tony and Kevin when Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” starts playing.
  2. New York City Marathon: I love coming out to watch all the runners fulfilling a (in some cases) a lifelong goal.  I also like ordering Chinese food and seeing how long it takes them to cross Fifth Avenue
  3. ZogSports: Since Kevin organized the first Rule 76 team in Spring 2007, I’ve been on 14 football teams, three kickball teams, one whiffleball team and subbed for volleyball and dodgeball.
  4. Dirty Hipster Night: Once or twice a year, Jenny and I get together at Blue & Gold Tavern and have the Dirty Hipster special which is a can of PBR and a shot of jagermeister.  Needless to say, these nights get sloppy.
  5. Margarita Madness: I think I made it to all of them since I’ve known Tia.  I’ll miss those cinnamon pita chips in particular
  6. New York Comic-Con: I know one day I’ll go to comic mecca, San Diego Comic-Con, and forget the New York one ever existed but it served it’s purpose of making me feel less geeky than other people in the city.
  7. I’ve seen a lot of great concerts like…She & Him at Webster Hall
  8. Jay-Z at All Points West Festival
  9. Sia at All Points West Festival
  10. St. Vincent at Webster Hall
  11. The National at All Points West Festival
  12. Mates of State at Webster Hall
  13. Snowflake Ball: I was bummed to miss this year’s but it was nice to suit up for a party that wasn’t a wedding.
  14. Tony’s Annual Beer Pong Tournament: I’ve never won it but I’ve enjoyed it every year
  15. Roundtable Table Dinner/BBQ: Good friends.  Good food. Good drinks.  Worth the trek to Brooklyn
  16. Midtown Comics: My comic shop for almost a decade. It’s the only place in New York City that knows me by name.
  17. Shakespeare in the Park: I actually enjoyed getting to Central Park at 7 AM to wait for tickets.  I think Romeo & Juliet with Lauren Ambrose was my favorite.
  18. Ogilvy PR: As much as I’ve privately complained about work, I am going to miss going in and seeing my friends.
  19. The NOW Party: Another competition I’ve never won.  Let’s never speak of that first NOW party again.
  20. Tony’s Annual Halloween Party: Every year I stepped it up with my costume until I peaked last year.
  21. 2008 New York Giants Championship Parade: I once said the Giants would never win a Super Bowl with Eli Manning.  It’s the only time I liked being wrong.
  22. 2009 New York Yankees Championship Parade: It probably seems dickish to complain how long it had been since the Yankees had won a World Series since there are teams who haven’t won or even smelled a World Series in decades.  I don’t care.
  23. Donuts Are Forever: These parties are like half fundraiser/half Okayplayer NYC reunion
  24. Snow: I’ve always enjoyed snow…until I had to go to work.
  25. Central Park: The second it hit 50 degrees in the Spring, everyone races to the park like it’s Summer.
  26. Friday Happy Hours: Nami organizes. We show up. Chaos ensues.
  27. NYC Skyline: No matter how long I’ve lived here, I’m always mesmerized by the view of New York City from the top of any building.
  28. Watching The Giants
  29. Watching the Yankees: One of the first thoughts I had when I contemplated moving to Los Angeles is how I’ll miss having access to watching the Yankees, Giants and the Knicks (now that they are semi-descent).
  30. Movies With Andrea: In the four years I’ve known Andrea, we have seen over 100 movies together. Seriously.

5 thoughts on “30 For New York City

  1. you missed madness 2009 because you had a wedding or bachelor party conflict. still, you have the highest attendance out of anyone i think.

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