Sean’s Moving: The F.A.Q’s

With my move coming up soon, I find that people still have a lot of questions.  I thought this would be a good way to cover them.

Where Are You Moving?: Los Angeles, California

When Are You Moving?: My flight leaves JFK on Monday, December 27th at 6:30 PM EST and lands in LAX at 9:50 pm PST.

How Is Your Stuff Getting To Los Angeles?: I’m leaving my valuables and possessions in the hands of Fed Ex.

Why Are You Moving To Los Angeles?: The first time I started thinking about moving to Los Angeles was in February. It was snowing and cold and all I could think of were my friends in Los Angeles bragging about 80 degree weather.  Then I went to Los Angeles and Cindy and I started dating and all I could think about was being closer to her.

Is Cindy Really That Awesome To Move For?: Hell yes!

Do You Have An Apartment?: Not yet.

So Where Will You Stay?:  I’m crashing with Cindy until I get my own place. She lives in West LA.

Do You Have A Car?: Nope.

Do You Have A Job?: Not yet.

You Couldn’t Get A Transfer At Your Old Job?: No, despite working at the company for 8.5 years, they couldn’t find a position for me at any of the Los Angeles companies in the network.  They are going to try again in January. Fingers crossed.

What Kind Of Job Are You Looking For?: I’m currently a project manager in the creative studio and would love to continue doing that but I’ve had so many jobs over the years, I’m open to different kinds of opportunities (especially the kind of opportunities that pay bills).

Are You Excited?: Yes.  Excited…amongst other things. Nervous. Happy. Freaked Out. Scared.

Is Cindy Excited?: Sounds like it.

Are You Going To Miss New York?: Not the snow but Yes.

Are You Two Really Engaged Or Are You Messing With Us On Facebook? Depends on your perspective.

I Wanna Visit In _____, Can I Crash On Your Couch?: Sure. As soon as I get a place and have a couch for you to crash on.

Any other questions?


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