Oscar Contender of the Day: The Fighter

This is another movie I’m surprised to see listed as one of the top contenders for Best Picture but, like I said in my Black Swan review, 2010 was a bad year for films.

While I enjoyed watching it and was very entertained, this was a run-of-the-mill sports movie. It had all the standard beats (starts rock bottom, faces adversity, training montage, crisis of faith, ultimate triumph).  The only thing that elevated it were the great performances surrounding the average performance of Mark Wahlberg as Mickey Ward.  Melissa Leo and Amy Adams as Mickey’s mother and girlfriend respectively were great but the real star of this movie was Christian Bale as Mickey’s drug addict brother and trainer, Dickie.  Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to his ridiculous Batman voice that I’ve forgotten how great an actor Bale could be.  Every time he was on the screen, I was transfixed.  Every time he wasn’t, I was wondering when he’d come back.

On a side note, how healthy could it be for Bale to keep fluctuating weights between the Batman’s muscle mass to crack addict skinny back to Batman?

Nominations I’d Like To See: Best Supporting Actor for Christian Bale, Best Supporting Actress for Melissa Leo and Amy Adams.


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