Oscar Contender of the Day: Rabbit Hole

Pretty good Oscar bait by Don’t Cross The Streams favotite, John Cameron Mitchell.  I don’t think it was great enough to elevate into the Best Picture discussion but it was a nice understated film.

All the talk is going to center around Nicole Kidman’s performance which was definitely good.  I just thought Aaron Eckhart gave the better performance but that could be a result of his role demanding more.  Kidman played the less emotional of the two parents who lost their son while Eckhart is just a raw nerve.  The scene when he realizes a video of his son was erased from his cell phone was powerful stuff.

Speaking of Nicole Kidman, I find it hard to look at her.  It’s hard to watch her try to generate emotion with her face when Botox prevents her eye brows from furrowing.

Nominations I’d Like To See: Best Actor for Aaron Eckhart and Best Actress for Nicole Kidman


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