Oscar Contender of the Day: The King’s Speech

One of the best pictures of 2010, hands down.

I was surprised that this wasn’t based on a play because I felt like I was watching one.  The wit and rapport between Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush is something I am more accustomed to seeing on the stage.  Given the plot and setting, I wasn’t expecting the script to be as funny as it was but I think that had more to do with the performances.  I don’t know if Firth as any competition in the Best Actor category (although I haven’t seen 127 Hours yet).  Even though, I was confident on how the movie would end, I was still nervous during the titular speech.

Also, a noteworthy performance from Helena Bonham Carter as Firth’s wife.  She has definitely been slumming it in Tim Burton’s shitty movies. I forgot her days

Nominations I’d Like To See: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Score, Best Actor for Colin Firth, Best Supporting Actor for Geoffrey Rush, Best Supporting Actress for Helena Bonham Carter


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