Oscar Contender of the Day: The Ghost Writer

I don’t know if I can really call this an Oscar contender but it should be.  This one even fell under my radar until I started hearing about Olivia Williams’ (who I’ve always had an acting crush on) performance which didn’t disappoint but I thought the entire movie and cast was great.  One of the best thrillers of 2010.  I have never been a big Roman Polanski fan but this definitely shows why people work with this alleged sexual assaulter. The note passing scene at the end ranks up with one of the best scenes of the year

One quibble: If you are going to cast Kim Cattrall as the Prime Minster’s assistant, why have her speak with a British accent especially when she isn’t very good at it? Why couldn’t she either a) been an American or b) been played by someone British.

Nominations I’d Like To See: Best Supporting Actress for Olivia Williams and Best Adapted Screenplay


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