How “Cedar Rapids” Almost Made Me Stop Reviewing Movies

Ed Helms first starring role wasn’t bad.  I wish I could wax and wane about this movie but it was hardly memorable.  That doesn’t mean it was bad.  I laughed when I was supposed to.  The acting was good (where did they find Anne Heche?).  But if you asked me to recall any of the specific details about the movies the next day, I couldn’t help you.

I actually saw this movie a few weeks ago and kept putting off writing about it because I didn’t know what else to say except “Yeah, I laughed.”  That’s what separate me from people who regualrly review media (books, movies, music, etc.).  I can’t make something (a significant blog post) out of nothing (an insignificant piece of work).  If I love something or hate it, I can go for days about what went right and what went wrong.  But those items are few and far between.  Most things I see will generate a feeling of “meh.”

For a week in December, I started doing Twitter reviews and I found it easier to get my entire opinion about a movie in 140 characters or less. So should I be reviewing movies on my blog if I really don’t have anything to say?  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s time to find something else to write about first.

Long story short, Cedar Rapids was okay.


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