Newfound Appreciation

Saturday, Cindy and I were on the internet looking at possible places for our wedding reception. While I may have joked off and on about the cost of the wedding, I never thought that it was something that Cindy and I couldn’t pull off. Then I came across this post on WeddingBee and started, slowly but surely, freaking out. Clearly, I haven’t really been thinking about this properly. I haven’t added up all the little costs in my head that will add up. Cindy was relatively undaunted in the face of all this but I may or may not have hit my head on the bed frame a few times.

After I calmed down, I thought about all the weddings I’ve been to. I thought about how much it cost just to have me there, eating food I didn’t appreciate at the time, drinking booze that I did appreciate, dancing my ass off to a DJ or band that cost the price of a really nice vacation.

So to everyone who invited me to your wedding, I thank you for sharing your day with me. I didn’t know how much you really loved me until Saturday. I hope I was worth it.

P.S.: A special shout-out to Todd.  Now I feel REALLY bad about crashing your wedding.


One thought on “Newfound Appreciation

  1. More people ought to realize that. It shouldn’t take a planning a wedding, but it always does. Good luck with the planning Sean! 🙂

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