Movie of the Week: Bridesmaids

I thought Bridemaids was pretty funny. I didn’t think it was as great as people have been saying but I can’t deny that I was entertained more than I wasn’t I did have a few issues with the movie that prevented me from outright loving it.

  • Even though I thought Kristen Wiig did an okay job as the lead, it was hard to get past my dislike for her various Saturday Night Live characters (especially in the airplane scene). I know that is my own bias.
  • The biggest problem with the movie was the comedic scenes just went on for too long like a bad Saturday Night Live skit (there go my biases again). Almost every funny scene started out hilarious and then went on and on. When they finally moved on to another scene, you were relieved. It was like watching the Director’s Cut (God, I hope there isn’t a director’s cut).
  • What happened to Wendi McLendon-Covey (Married with Children Rita) and Ellie Kemper (Newlywed Becca)? Everyone was getting equal share in the movie until they got off their flight to Vegas. I’m pretty sure they both had two lines after that. Their story had just started to get interesting on the flight and then they were dropped (except for a guilty look at the bridal shower). I’m a huge fan of both actresses (especially McLendon-Covey who was one of my favorites on Reno 911)
  • Considering she was supposed to be the beautiful one, between her hair and her awful tan, I don’t think Rose Byrne (Helen) has ever looked less attractive.
  • The montage in the movie where the main character is supposed to realize something about themselves and start making changes to improve their life (which movies like this tend to have) didn’t really happen. Oh, there was a montage but you didn’t leave the movie thinking, “Things are going to be okay for Annie (Wiig) now that she finally baked a cake.” It just made a movie that was already too long seem longer.
  • Given that everything was building towards the wedding, the actual wedding was pretty rushed.

Like I said, I laughed and was entertained. That’s what counts, right? Besides anything that will help make Melissa McCarthy (Megan) a bigger star has my full support (I still can’t watch Mike & Molly though)


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