Movie of the Week: Super 8

Super 8 reminded me of the kind of movies that seemed to be abundant when I was younger: a bunch of kids dealing with a situation that was WAY over their head. This movie, which has been the best movies I’ve seen this summer thus far, would fit in perfectly with E.T. The Extra Terrestrial,  D.A.R.Y.L. and The Goonies.

  • The sci-fi/alien aspect was actually not that great. The best way to describe it is, “What if E.T. was captured by the government instead of found by little kids and E.T. was violent?”
  • Speaking of violent, this movie is pretty violent if you were thinking of taking a little kid.  It should be fine for someone over the age of 12.
  • With the exception of Elle Fanning (Alice), Joel Courtney (Joe) and Riley Griffiths (Charles), I didn’t think the kids weren’t that great individually. But as a group, amazing. Any time they were together, their conversations seemed so natural. It didn’t seem like they were acting but they they were really friends having a real conversation about a train crash and a zombie movie.
  • As a huge fan of Friday Night Lights, I was disappointed that Kyle Chandler didn’t have more to do. Of course, he was his usual great Southern stoic self (could he play someone from a coastal city) but I wanted him to become a star on the strength of this movie. Oh well, I hope he plays Detective Walker in FX’s Powers.
  • The ending was kind of “meh.” It wasn’t horrible but it felt like the movie just…ended.
  • This movie may have the best anti-drug message in a kids movie that I’ve ever seen.


3 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: Super 8

  1. Okay, Super 8… interesting movie, personally I had more fun watching the boys as they rampaged through the city, kinda like the movie Stand By Me. The alien was interesting. The movie should have been called kids and aliens.

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