Imaging “I Do’s”

I have a confession to make.

After I got over the initial sticker shock of getting married, I briefly became obsessed with reading wedding blogs and websites, referred to in some circles as “wedding porn.”

It happened rather quickly.  I wanted to read a blog by folks who had tried to plan a wedding in Los Angeles and went to Google.  I found a couple of sites which had links to a blogs that they enjoyed and I would start reading those.  I would keep searching for a wedding that was closer to the one that we were probably having (large [1], multicultural, lots of out-of-towners) and while I mostly failed in that respect, I did find things I thought were cool (mostly themes and centerpieces that weren’t just flowers). There would be days at work where I would have several tabs open to wedding blogs. I would try to limit what I sent to Cindy lest she think that she made a Bluth-type mistake by saying “yes” to my wedding proposal.

I started to feel weird looking at all these bride-centric websites so I looked for blogs written by grooms who were interested in the planning aspects of a wedding.  With one exception (Temple of Groom), most of the groom sites focused on the bachelor party, speeches and how not to get killed by the bride.  According to the internet, I shouldn’t care about anything else. I’m not saying that I’m going to be spot checking bridesmaids’ dresses or will freak out at flower arrangements, but I do care about what my wedding looks like and want to be a large part in creating the day.  Otherwise, I might as well get an invite like everybody and just show up on time.

I think the reason I would spend hours just perusing wedding site after wedding site [2] is that without any concrete details set, our wedding could be anything.  It was a blank piece of paper that I could sketch on over and over again until I was ready to commit to paint and canvas. Now that we’ve picked a time and a place, I can’t spend too much time daydreaming with a pencil.  Cindy and I have to start painting soon.

[1] Apparently a “large” wedding is 100-150 people. What do you call a 250-300 person wedding? Ginormous?
[2] Never The Knot. That site is a mess. It’s like they were given a directive to make sure there is no white sapce on the homepage.


4 thoughts on “Imaging “I Do’s”

  1. You aren’t alone. Jon really wanted to have a hand in planning and helped a lot. Also, if that’s your definition of ginormous, is there a word for a wedding bigger than that? perhaps “persian”

  2. Tracy: I love Adrian Tomine and that book. I think I bought it a month we got engaged. I recently sent it to an engaged friend as a gift/warning.

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