Don’t Call Me During…: Fall 2011 Edition

Why can't I find a date?

Since I’ve moved to Los Angeles, the way I watch television has changed.  I no longer have cable and rely mainly on the Internet (some means more legal than others).  I’ve been fairly successful in keeping up with my shows without a DVR but the hassle of shows building up on my hard drive has made me quick to drop shows.

As I started contemplating this post, I bragged to myself that I could cut my viewing hours down to maybe 15 hours.  The new crop of shows are not that appealing and most of the shows I currently watch I’m not completely enamored with. I’ll also admit that shows that Cindy and I aren’t both into are less likely to be watched regularly.  Fall TV hours are 22.5 right now but by November, I think I can get to the 15 hours I so desire.

Since I don’t watch these shows when they air on TV, no point in listing times.  New shows in bold.


  • Boardwalk Empire (HBO, 9/25) – I love Michael Shannon as an actor but I really hope they dial down his character this season.
  • Dexter (SHO, 10/2) – Dexter should be over by now.  How they’ve gone this long without Deb even suspecting him of anything dubious is ridiculous. For all the care and detail that Dexter puts into his ritual, you’d think he’s wear a hat when he was breaking into people’s homes and kidnapping them for murder.  He should have left hairs everywhere.
  • Homeland (SHO, 10/2) – It stars Damien Lewis and Claire Danes.  They buys it two hours of my time guaranteed.
  • How To Make It In America (HBO, 10/2) – I don’t even remember how the last season ended.  Did they ever make those jeans? Being homesick for New York City will probably keep watching this longer than I would.
  • The Walking Dead (AMC, 10/16) – More zombie attacks, less talking about what to do when the zombies attack


  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 9/19) – I went back and forth on whether I’m going to continue watching.  I don’t care how Ted meets the mother.  I don’t care who Barney’s going to marry.  i don’t care that Lily is pregnant.  Why am I still watching this show?
  • Castle (ABC, 9/19) – I think Beckett’s going to be okay
  • Gossip Girl (9/26) – This is another show I was on the verge of dropping.  I watch this show just so I can read the usually hilarious NY Magazine recaps and get all the references.  I don’t know if that will be enough.
  • Terra Nova (FOX, 9/26) – This show has people facing off with dinosaurs. How can I NOT watch at least the pilot?
  • Board To Death (HBO, 10/10) – Another show that I might watch less if I didn’t miss New York.
  • Enlightened (HBO, 10/10) – I don’t know what this show is about really but it’s on HBO and I always watch at least the first episode of HBO shows.


  • Sons of Anarchy (FX, 9/6) – Season three was a mess but the finale made me feel like they were heading back to what I loved about this show.
  • Parenthood (NBC, 9/13) – No other show does the “People trying to have an argument with everyone yelling at the same time” better
  • New Girl (FOX, 9/20) – Pros: It stars Zooey Deschanel. Cons: It looks bad and I’m supposed to believe that Zooey can’t find a man.  The pros outweigh the cons.


  • Up All Night (NBC, 9/14) – Will Arnett can’t possibly make another bad sitcom, can he?  It has Maya Rudolph too so I have to give it a shot.
  • Modern Family (ABC, 9/21) – I didn’t love season two.  There were a lot of “meh” episodes and Cameron and Mitchell became gay caricatures. Hopefully with a new Lily in tow, Modern Family will make a comeback.
  • Happy Endings (ABC, 9/28) – I enjoy it when I watch it but if I miss an episode, I won’t lose any sleep over it.
  • American Horror Story (FX, 10/5) – A network horror show?  Connie Britton?  Yes!
  • Psych (USA, 10/12) –  Another show that I enjoy when I watch but don’t feel like I have to watch it.


  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX, 9/15) – Last season was a bit of a letdown but still had some classic episodes.  I expect more of the same.
  • Archer (FX, 9/15) – I loved every episode last season.  i expect more of the same.
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 9/22)-  They need to tone down the Sheldon and Leonard is becoming the Ted Moseby of this show wherein his relationship arc hurts the overall show.
  • Community (NBC, 9/22) – John Goodman joins the cast and Michael K. Williams will appear in a few episodes.  Omar comin’!
  • Parks and Recreation (NBC, 9/22) – The best comedy last season hands down.
  • Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 9/22) – ARGH! Why can’t I completely quit you?  How do you keep roping me back in?
  • Person of Interest (CBS, 9/22) –  I’ll give Michael Emerson’s new show a chance even if it’s on CBS.
  • The Office (NBC, 9/22) –  I hope this is the last season.  They were treading water last season and now who becomes the focal point?
  • The League (FX, 10/6) – I’m glad the NFL lockout didn’t happen but I would have been curious to see how the show would have played out if it did.


  • Fringe (FOX, 9/23) – Probably the last season but hopefully not.  I hope we continue to get the dual versions of Olivia, Walter and Astrid.
  • Chuck (NBC, 10/21) – It’s the last season so I’ll watch to see how they wrap it up even though I’m not in love with the idea of Morgan having the Intersect.
Also, I’m thinking of picking a show to do weekly posts about like I used to do for Lost or 24.  I’m leaning towards snarkily recapping New Girl.  Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me During…: Fall 2011 Edition

  1. None of the new shows interest me, so I’ll probably stick to returning shows like Fringe*. Would that show be worth recapping?

    *I hope this isn’t the last season for Fringe either. But if the writers get a fifth season and still refuse to develop Astrid’s character, I’m out.

  2. @Dustdaughter: I don’t feel like I’m smart enough to review “Fringe.” I can never spot The Observer in every episode unless they have a line.

  3. I just watched 10 min of New Girl (since they have episode 1 for free on iTunes) and there’s tons of potential for a snarky recap. The roommates keep a “Douchebag Jar” that they have to put $1 in when they’re super douchey. That’s right.

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