New Girl: “Kryptonite” (S01E02)

We have a Schmidt problem.

In a way, “Kryptonite” was pilot 2.0. Because they had to replace Damon Wayans, Jr., we now had new roommate, Winston (Lamorne Morris), to react to Jess’ weirdness. I liked the way they just tried to slip Winston into the show with no fanfare. He was the original roommate and was an old basketball buddy of Coach’s. Wayans, Jr is a tought act to follow and in his first episode, Morris didn’t even seem like he was trying. He just hung in the background of the story, watching like the rest of us. Hopefully in subsequent episodes, we will see more personality.

In the pilot, I thought Schmidt (Max Greenfield) was funny but could become annoying. The “Douchebag Jar” was a great way to make someone who was annoying appear to be self-aware and repentant of his personal flaws. However, it appears Coach took the jar with him because Schmidt was in 100% D-bag mode and there was no one to stop him. Without the jar to rein him in, it’s like he belongs on a totally different show (that would be on Monday nights on CBS). While he’s funny to laugh at for a bit, it starts to get creepy when he’s putting his hand on CeCe’s leg. The only benefit to his idiocy is that even Jess can laugh at him which brings her closer to her other roommates. It’s a shame because I like Greenfield as an actor.

In this episode, Jess confronts her ex boyfriend, Spencer (Ian Wolterstorff), so that she can get her stuff back and replace the TV in the apartment that she broke. I would say this episode was a little funnier than the pilot but the show still needs some work. In dealing with Jess’ ex, her responses and reactions seemed more normal and relatable. Spencer was cartoonishly oblivious to how poorly he was treating Jess in their breakup but he was dating someone equally oblivious so in a way, Jess and him were perfect for each other.

Thoughts and observations:

  • I like the new opening credits scene.
  • Of course the two black guys played basketball together.
  • <geek> I was annoyed that Nick referred to Spencer as Jess’ “kryptonite” and that she needs to stand up to him. You can’t stand up to kryptonite! It will kill you! </geek>
  • Was CeCe wearing the same exact dress she wore in the pilot?
  • The way they shot the meeting on the bench with Jess and Spencer was oddly reminiscent of (500) Days of Summer
  • Pat myself on the back moment: The second the basketball was passed to Jess, I said “”Down goes the TV.” I’ve watched way too many sitcoms to not know how that was going to play out.
  • Why does Jess need all those winter clothes? Don’t they live in Los Angeles?
  • I did get a laugh out of Schmidt’s box of clothes left behind by women he’s slept with.
  • “You have made love to a lot of forgetful women” – Jess to Schmidt
  • “Actually, that’s not fair—she might be a really nice ho” – Jess, regarding the girl Spencer cheated on her with.
  • “You’ve got some Schmidt on your face” – Schmidt to Spencer after he bitch slapped him
  • “Save The Best For Last” by Vanessa Williams was a great song. There’s a reason it was the last song of every senior prom that year.

5 thoughts on “New Girl: “Kryptonite” (S01E02)

  1. I’m still not sure about the show. I don’t really think I laughed out loud once during the 2nd episode but watching the guys interact with the quirky girl is interesting enough that I’m curious about what they’ll do for the rest of the season. Still, don’t seem me tuning in every week, will probably just leave it in the queue and watch during the bored moments.

    And I do think that was the same dress as the pilot.

  2. The second episode was more plot developing than funny. I really hated that the guys didn’t help her from the get go let alone once she emerged from the house. Finally they stick up for her and douche bag Spencer stops being manipulative but at least Jess stuck up for helself. Schmidt is strange too if you ask me.

  3. As a “Quirky” girl, very similiar to Jess but without drinking at all, I can tell you that those are not the types of reactions we as “Quirky girls” get. I am also a model, and so people do put up with my singing abruptly and being weird in general, but no one particularly cares for a quirky girl enough to go out of their way for her, especially in LA. So I find it so unrealistic that I cannot accept the show. That is all.

  4. Hello, hey by any chance would you know what song is playin on the car’s radio when schmidt touches CC’s leg? is a heavy song but I don’t know what song is.

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