Thanks, Steve.

The first computer I owned was an Apple IIgs. The salesman in the store convinced my father and I that it was the best computer they had in the store.  I thought I was the shit but then grew to hate it because I was the only person I knew with an Apple computer. Everyone had an IBM PC. Eventually, I got used to it (playing games that I couldn’t share and using “Work” instead of “Excel”) because the graphics on my computer looked better than everyone else’s. The IIgs was phased out as Apple started selling their Macintosh line so I moved on and built my own PC (although I worked on a Macintosh at work).

A shock went through my body when I saw the news that Steve Jobs had passed away. 16 years after I parted ways with my Apple IIGS, I am writing this post on an Apple Macbook. I am the proud owner of an iPod Classic, an iPod Shuffle, an iPhone and an iPad. There is not a part of my day that doesn’t have Steve Jobs’ fingerprints on it.

Thank you for everything.


4 thoughts on “Thanks, Steve.

  1. I am more than sure that everyone who had the chance to be proud owners of something made by apple are feeling the same way as you. After all you are not only owning some technological staff but a creation in which a real genius put his soul.

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