Victim #2

After reading the grand jury report regarding the indictment of former Penn State University assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, one thing stood out to me: what happened to victim #2?

According to the report, no one from the University attempted to find out who this boy who was molested in their showers was. It was disturbing enough that Mike McQueary, the graduate assistant who witnessed the assault in the shower and the current WR coach, didn’t call the police or do anything to get this child away from Sandusky immediately. But to know that no one gave a second thought about this child is heartbreaking. Who’s to say the incident in the shower was the first time or the last time?

Victim #2 hasn’t come forward yet but I can’t imagine how he feels knowing all these people knew what happened to him and did nothing about it. Well, that’s not entirely true. They just made sure it couldn’t happen again on their property.


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