…It’ll Last Longer

On Sunday, Cindy and I finally had our engagement photo shoot with Michael Fletcher. We tossed around ideas all week where to go and what to wear and didn’t really settle until hours before meeting up with Mike.  Cindy had gotten her makeup and hair done. I had gotten a shape-up of my beard (shout out to Headmaster Barber Shop on Pico) but couldn’t decide what to wear.  In the end, I went with an outfit that would compliment the beautiful dress that Cindy was planning to wear.  We also had some fun ideas playing on our competing baseball fandom and our geekiness (mostly mine).

I’d never done a photo shoot before so it felt weird to be directed on things like being casual but it’s hard to argue with the end result.

I can’t wait until our wedding day so Mike can take photos of us with our friends and family.

Here are some of Cindy’s selections from our photo shoot.


9 thoughts on “…It’ll Last Longer

  1. i just wanna say that these are nearly all the ones i picked as being beautiful and fabulous. Love love love everything about these, especially the two people in them. 🙂

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