Don’t Call Me During…: Midseason 2012 Edition

The fall television season of 2011 will be remembered for Homeland. It was easily one of the best first season of a show I’ve watched from start to finish. I debated doing a post about my top ten TV shows of 2011 but got lazy. I couldn’t decide whether Homeland or Breaking Bad would take the top spot. I thought nothing could top the fourth season of Breaking Bad but some of Homeland’s individual episodes (particularly “The Weekend” and “The Vest”) are up there with the best episodes of the year (another post I was too lazy to write).

Ultimately, my top ten TV shows of 2011 without any elaboration are:

  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Homeland
  3. Louie
  4. Parks and Recreation
  5. Justified
  6. Game of Thrones
  7. Community
  8. Boardwalk Empire
  9. Sons of Anarchy
  10. Parenthood
Now that I’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, let’s talk about what shows could contend for a spot on the best television shows of 2012.  Since I don’t watch these shows live, there’s no sense in listing it by time. New series are in bold.


  • Bob’s Burgers (FOX, 3/11) – I didn’t watch that much last season but it was one of my favorite series to watch on my iPad or laptop before I went to bed.
  • Californication (SHO, 1/8) – This show never changes so there’s nothing else I can say about it.
  • House of Lies (SHO, 1/8) – I don’t know anything about this show except that it stars Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell and that’s all I need to know.
  • Luck (HBO, 1/29) – Dustin Hoffman on a weekly basis?  I’m in.  I just hope this is Deadwood David Milch and not John from Cincinnati David Milch
  • Shameless (SHO, 1/8) – What a crazy show. I’m curious to see the BBC version it’s based on.
  • Sherlock (BBC, 1/1) – Yes, I’m admitting I’ll be watching through less than legal means but I can’t wait until March to see the second season.
  • The Walking Dead (AMC, 2/12) – Sigh. Now I know how my parents felt when I brought home bad grades. I was capable of so much more. So is this show.


  • Alcatraz (FOX, 1/16) – This show looks kinda corny but I tend to give shows with Lost alumni (Jorge Garcia co-stars) one episode.
  • Being Human (SyFy, 1/16) – The first season ended strongly. I still think the UK cast has better chemistry and handled the angst of being monsters/ghosts better. The US version is still too upbeat.
  • Castle (ABC, 1/9) – I think I fall asleep during this show every other episode but I always go back to see what I missed.
  • Gossip Girl (CW, 1/16) – After episode 100, I don’t know how much longer I can do this.
  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 1/2) – This show is on double secret probation.
  • Smash (NBC, 2/6) – Since I gave up on Glee, I’m hoping this can fill the void of weekly singing. The cast looks amazing so I have high hopes.


  • Justified (FX, 1/17) – Season two of Justified was so good in every aspect (acting, plot and guest actors), I can’t even begin to think how they could possibly top it.
  • New Girl (FOX, 1/17) – I know I gave up on blogging about this show but I got tired of writing the same thing over and over again. I’ll revisit it eventually but I will say this. Schmidt is taking over the show.
  • Parenthood (NBC, 1/3) – The best thing I can say about this season is I don’t even mind Julia and Joel’s storylines.
  • The River (ABC, 2/7) – I don’t know if Cindy is going to watch this adventure/horror show with me but I can’t help but be intrigued by the trailer.


  • Happy Endings (ABC, 1/4) – This barely missed making my top ten shows of 2011 list. I laugh every time I watch and the cast has great chemistry.
  • Modern Family (ABC, 1/4) – They’ve gotten better with mixing and matching the cast but now they’ve decided to make Claire super-shrill. I’m debating whether to write a separate piece about this show’s problem with women.
  • Touch (FOX, 1/25) – Can I accept Kiefer Sutherland in a non-Jack Bauer role? I honestly don’t know.


  • 30 Rock (NBC, 1/12) – It better be good since we’re losing Community so it can come back.
  • Archer (FX,1/19) – The “Heart of Archness” miniseries was a great start to the season
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 1/12) – I’m glad that we’ve moved away from Leonard dating. His relationship with Priya was killing the show and the character.
  • Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 1/12) – Will someone have a TV intervention for me to stop me from caring about this show?
  • Parks and Recreation (NBC, 1/12) – Still the best comedy hands down.
  • The Office (NBC, 1/12) – Is it me or does this season really suck, like season one bad?
  • Undersupervised (FX, 1/19) – I don’t kow anything about this show but it’s on FX so I’ll watch it at least once.
  • Up All Night (NBC, 1/12) – I’m glad this was moved to Thursday because frankly, I kept forgetting it was on Tuesdays and missed a few episodes.


  • Chuck (NBC) – NBC cares so little about this show that it has been running new episodes during the holidays. Which is a shame because it’s been having a pretty good final season.
  • Fringe (FOX, 1/13) – I don’t know how I feel about the direction of this season especially since this might be the last season. Aside from Peter these aren’t the versions of the characters we care about so I’m not as invested. i keep waiting for things to revert back to normal.
  • Portlandia (IFC, 1/6) – It was pretty hit or miss but when it’s good, it’s great. This Battlestar Galactica skit has me anticipating the new season.
  • Spartacus: Vengence (STARZ, 1/27) – Yay for blood and violence!


  • Awake (NBC) – This is the show I have been looking forward to since seeing the trailer last summer so I’m extremely disappointed that it’s been delayed indefinitely. I just hope we get to see it in Spring and not in a Summer burnoff.
  • Community (NBC) – It’s going to come back but what about next season. If they would just make Community available on Netfix Instant Watch, I guarantee it would see an uptick in ratings.
  • Game of Thrones (HBO, April TBD) – The show started slow but once I became more familiar with the characters, the better the show got. It all culminated in one of the most shocking deaths in a debut season (if you didn’t read the source material). I hope I can finish the first and second books before this season starts.
  • Mad Men (AMC, March TBD) – I feel bad for Jon Hamm.  After Damien Lewis’ performance in Homeland and with another strong season from Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, he’s never going to win the best actor Emmy.  NEVER.

What shows are you looking forward to in the new year?


3 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me During…: Midseason 2012 Edition

  1. Started watching homeland now and just saw ep 1(s2) of sherlock. Still avoiding US version of being human, will the UK version start soon?
    Thinking about starting house of lies the timing will be key I guess? Touch I’ll give it a try. I need to catch up on Chuck. Still sticking with Fringe. Person of interest still has me. Will be playing catch up with dexter and hu$tle as well. I’ll come back to game of throne…even though I knew kal droog was going to go…it still hurt, so pretty.

  2. I just got into Homeland over the Christmas/New Year break. So so so good. I will also be checking out Alcatraz for the same reasons you are. Smash is also on my list. I haven’t given up on HIMYM yet — though I agree it’s not a strong season, Shawn and I can’t help but be drawn into the whole baby thing and the fact they now live in East Meadow — one town away! I broke up with The Office two episodes in this season. I was a die hard fan, but when I found myself looking at the clock every few minutes for 2 episodes straight, it was time to move on for me.

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