Webcomic of the Week: Let’s Be Friends Again



Movie of the Week: The Hunger Games

The one question I kept asking myself after walking out of of the movie theater was, “Would I have enjoyed this film more if I hadn’t read the book?” As an adaptation, it was okay. It was like a Cliff Notes version of Suzanne Collins’ book. You got the basic idea but none of the nuance. The problem is the nuance is where a majority of the story lies.

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In Between Jobs

It’s been over a month since I lost my job.  It’s funny.  I wondered how long it would take me to go from “hopeful that I will find a great opportunity” to “desperate for anything.” The answer is: about a month.

Every weekday afternoon, I load up all the job search sites on my browser.  I open new tabs for every job I’m interested or think I am relatively qualified for.  Then, after I read through the qualifications, I apply to the ones I think my skills and interest match up best with. I’ve applied to over 30 jobs so far.  Those 30 or so resumes have resulted in three in-person interviews and one phone interview.  That’s a pretty shitty average. If I was a baseball player, I’d be on the bench or out of the league altogether which, I guess, is how I feel.

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