From Linsanity to Melodrama

It has been quite a season for the New York Knicks.

Remember in the beginning of the season when we (“we” being Knicks fans) said to ourselves or anyone commenting on how poorly the Knicks were playing, “Well, we don’t have a point guard.”

Well, we’ve got a point guard (actually two).

Remember after the the Knicks got eliminated from the playoffs and we said, “Wait until this team gets a full offseason and has time to gel.”

Well, we didn’t get that full offseason thanks to the lockout and this team never got it’s chance to gel because with all the additions and bench discoveries we are on version 4.2 of the 2012 New York Knicks.

Honestly, the way the Knicks suck now is ten times worse than when they started the season horribly. At least then I could say, well we just don’t have the talent. Melo, Amar’e and Chandler alone can’t overcome the gaps on their own. Now, from starters to the end of the bench, I would put this Knicks lineup up against anyone outside of Oklahoma City.

On paper.

In practice, this team plays like shit. There are plenty of reasons outside of Melo (which repeated victim to my fantasy basketball dominance Ben Detrick points out for Grantland) why this team is underperforming but I’m not going to act like I have the answer. I’m not a professional sports writer or even a casual one. All I know is as a fan, I feel like Carmelo did after last night’s loss to the Bulls:

“It sucks. The situation we’re in right now sucks. Losing basketball games sucks. The way we’ve been losing games at the end of the game sucks — not a good feeling right now.”

I still think if the Knicks can get on the same page and make the playoffs, they could make some noise. But until that happens, it sucks to watch.


One thought on “From Linsanity to Melodrama

  1. It’s been one horribly disappointing roller coaster ride. Interesting article on ESPN this morning about how D’Antoni lost the opportunity to keep control over the clubhouse right after Melo came back. I don’t know who to believe or what to blame, like you said, it just sucks.

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