Who Watches Before Watchmen?

I’ve been meaning to write about what a horrible idea I thought DC releasing prequels to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic work, Watchmen, prequels NOT written by Moore (although they did ask him while offering him back the rights to Watchmen that had been denied to him for so long).

DC isn’t stupid. They know no one would accept this even a little bit unless the writers and artists behind this weren’t the best of the best. As much as I hate that this is happening, I would read anything by Brian Azzarello, J. G. Jones and Darwyn Cooke (J. Michael Straczynski…not so much).

The reason this seems like such a bad idea is Moore crafted such a detailed tale that there’s no room for expansion. Between the flashbacks and the supplemental pieces, we know everything we need to know about these characters. All these comics could possibly do is illustrate stories mentioned in the supplemental materials or flesh out stories described or mentioned by characters. It all seems like a pretty obvious cash grab on a known respected property by DC Comics.

Well, not as obvious as this Watchmen toaster.

Yes, that’s really happening.

Maybe this cartoon isn’t that far off from the truth.


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