Movie of the Week: What To Expect While Expecting

It wasn’t horrible.  It’s one of those movies where you don’t laugh out loud very much but you will say to yourself, “That’s so funny.

The structure was weird but that’s to be expected when you base a movie off a self-help book (which worked so well for my least favorite romantic movie of all-time). The only noteworthy performance is Anna Kendrick as Rosie who gets pregnant after a one night stand with an old high school crush, Marco (Chace Crawford). Elizabeth Banks was pretty good as well but she always is.

Honestly the movie was a bit of a mess the more I think about it. About 95% laughs came from Rebel Wilson as Janice, a dim-wited employee of Wendy’s (Banks) shop and The Dude Group, a secret society of fathers played by Chris Rock, Rob Huebel, Amir Talai and Thomas Lennon. Unfortunately, all of the funniest parts featuring them are in the trailers and commercials.


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