100 Days, 100 Nights

100 days until the greatest night of my life.

Even though we’ve got a lot of things done, I still feel like we have a lot of details to take care of (Cindy has been better about writing about our wedding planning). However, one thing didn’t occur to me until recently

After attending Tony and Christina’s wedding in New Orleans and following Kevin and Jennifer’s wedding in Florida via Instagram and Skype, a small fear started to creep into my mind. What if our wedding isn’t fun? What if, after all is said and done, people don’t have a good time? I know I should be focused on making sure Cindy and I have the best wedding day we can possibly have but I don’t want friends and family to travel cross-country (or from other countries) to not have a good time.

My wedding is 100 days away and I’m already thinking about what people will say when it’s over.

Cindy also wrote a post about out 100 Day mark and our guestlist.


5 thoughts on “100 Days, 100 Nights

  1. After it’s over, people will say how happy they are for you and how awesome it was to all be together to celebrate. It’s people who make events fun, not location or food or music! At a wedding I went to recently (you know who you are ;)), after the band left, people amused themselves for at least an hour singing tv themes and popular song favorites acapella! It was awesome. Tony and I can’t wait to celebrate with you and Cindy and all the people you guys love and adore, because that will make it an amazing time! Love you guys!

  2. dont compare your day to other peoples events. dont worry about doing it up bigger, making it funner. the important part is that you get to marry your bestest buddy, you have true love, and its real. focus on why youre really there, bask in the glory, live in that moment youre about to wait 100 days for, and the rest will pop off by nature.

    good luck.

  3. I’m going to agree with the group. Everyone will have a great time because they’re there to celebrate with you. I had similar anxieties leading up to the wedding (would it rain, would that ruin it, will people enjoy the second line or think it’s stupid) and then on the day of, it was like a wave of calm washed over me. When the day comes (and I guarantee it will be here before you know it), just go with the flow, enjoy every second, and don’t worry about the rest of your guests 🙂

    Oh, and Mercy Flush still rules. That is all.

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